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Our Architectural Design Services

MyHousePlan provides the professional services required to achieve planning and building regulation consent for home extensions, alterations and new builds. From practical to contemporary design, MyHousePlan have the expertise to work with all types of projects and preferences throughout Essex.

House Plan Drawing in Essex

Planning Drawings

Whether you are buying a property and seeking expansion options, or you own a property and are considering a project of your own, MyHousePlan will provide specialist free advice as to your options under local planning law and permitted development rights.

If your project does require planning consent, MyHousePlan can provide the professional design and drawing service to create your project aspiration for planning submission and achieve consent.

building regulations consultant

Building Regulations

If you have achieved planning consent or have pursued permitted development rights, MyHousePlan can provide the technical design and drawing services to achieve building regulations consent. Building Regulations approval is generally required prior to any project commencement.

structural design consultants

Structural Design

It is likely that your project aspiration will require structural alterations. MyHousePlan can determine whether the services of a structural engineer would be required to design any structural supports which will need to be submitted with the building regulations application.

schedules of work for property owners

Schedules of Work

MyHousePlan can provide a schedule of works to detail all of the specific work elements to complete your project. This document allows property owners to seek comparable costs from pricing builders / contractors. It provides peace of mind that all works have a price that controls the ever so common 'extras' which can cause a project to exceed a budget.

contrat administration

Contract Administration

MyHousePlan can administer a legal building contract between the property owner and the chosen builder / contractor. This will agree in writing the quoted sum, commencement and completion date, interim payment dates and defect rectification periods. The building contract will ensure the builder performs, and it will protect the property owner if there is a dispute and legal action is required.

on-site project management for property projects

Project Management

MyHousePlan can provide on site management to ensure the works are being carried out to the expected standard, payment values are correct and the works are on programme. The project manager will be the communication between the property owner and the builder / contractor. It is an effective option to relieve the stress of self management and any problem is resolved swiftly and professionally.

What Our Customers Say

We are really pleased with the service we received from MyHousePlan. They were happy to advise us on all the options and make design specific to achieve our dream home.

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