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House Planning Permissions in Essex: Your Quick Guide

architect looking at planning drawings, Essex

Struggling for space at home? There’s no better time than the present to build a new, bright and spacious room. It’s worth considering a new development that fits your home aspirations – from a conservatory, or a whole indoor renovation or conversion, to a new detached dwelling outside. Whoever said summer houses are just for summer?!

But if there’s one thing that will cause a screeching halt to your planning project dreams, it’s the thought of getting a ‘Rejected’ stamp on your application for planning permission. Unfortunately, applying for planning permission for a renovation or an extension can be a long and uphill battle for many, and it’s not unusual to go through this strenuous process only for the planning application to be flat-right refused. However, if everyone in the country had the right to build without permission, there would be a lot less space for us to roam!  So, whether it’s a home improvement or a large-scale commercial project, you must certify if you require any planning permission or building regulations approval before getting started.

Architectural design planning for planning permission

Your planning application will need to include detailed planning drawings of your site block plan. You may have the most wonderful vision in your head for your planning project, but to make it practical and technically sound on paper is another. You want it to be simple, but once the planning stage sets in, things become complicated, and you may see the need to get an architect involved!

That’s why choosing an experienced architect from the beginning is key. At MyHousePlan, we will put together planning drawings that tick all the boxes, ensuring structural planning elements of design toe the line with your creative concept. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your personal taste and style to ensure your planning drawings fit the logistical requirements needed to achieve consent, such as the correct materials and measurements.

Design and Access Statement (DAS) requirements

Beyond the design elements, there will be other details to provide in your plan, such as budget, materials and project timeline proposals. Especially for major developments, a Design and Access Statement (DAS) will also be a critical part of your application. This is to formally accompany your design with the details needed on the principles and concepts that have been applied and to show you adhere to local policies and access procedures. Because the turnaround on applications is so quick (taking up to 8 weeks), it may mean little room for consultation between planners and homeowners – so having a detailed and logical statement is a must.  At MyHousePlan, we understand all factors affecting planning permission, ensuring your blueprint will fit the bill of approval DAS requirements.

Design and build project management

Common questions are often associated with the costs of the planning application process itself, but in the long run, the biggest costs will be associated with the project management that comes off the back of your agreement. Unfortunately, as is the case for many, you could end up spending thousands of pounds on investing in a project that doesn’t turn out to be feasible.  So even if your plan is approved, ensuring it is delivered to the letter is the next obstacle, as you may be at risk of overspending on ‘extras’ or – an even worse nightmare – having your project halted by not following through with the requirements agreed. That’s why ensuring your plan is within your budget requirements from the get-go of your application is the best way forward.

At MyHousePlan, we not only get to know your project inside-out to ensure your personal requirements are met, but we will also provide a schedule of works to detail all of the specific work elements to complete your project. This document allows you to compare costs associated to get the right price from builders or contractors. Furthermore, we can also administer you with the legal building contract between the property owner and the chosen builder/contractor which will agree on the quoted sum, commencement, and completion date. This gives you the protection and peace of mind that you need, making it a much more stress-free process.

Choosing the best architectural design consultant

Having an expert architectural design consultant that specialises in house planning permissions is the best route to ensure your planning application runs smoothly – your dedicated architect will be able to take control of every step of the process, all the way from design to project management.

With our extensive experience in building regulations and architectural design consultancy, the MyHousePlan team can help you achieve local authority planning and building regulations consent. Whether it’s a single-storey rear extension or converting your bungalow into a chalet house – we provide a professional service with an experienced architect and building regulations consultant for you, that is tailored to every type of property owner and every type of project.

Don’t fall short of your dreams – contact us today to see how we can make your Essex home project come true.