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Building Regulations Applications: What are they?

Building Regs Application

If you’re looking to undertake building work for a new project or extend or alter an existing building, it’s likely you will need to apply for building regulations consent.

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) advise the Secretary of State in England on setting the standards for building design and construction.

Here we delve into what building regulations are, why you might need to submit building regs applications, and how you can achieve building regulations consent.

What are building regulations?

Defined by the English and Welsh Government, building regulations are in place to help ensure that new buildings or conversions, extensions, renovations etc. are going to be safe, efficient, and fit for purpose. This covers both commercial and domestic work.

Detailed building regulations can cover a variety of building components such as:

  • Structural integrity
  • Fire protection
  • Accessibility
  • Energy performance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Protection against falls
  • Electrical and gas safety

Building regs also lay the standards for drains, ventilation, protection against the ingress of water, and protection against contamination (including methane and radon gas).

For the full series of detailed guidance manuals and regulations, you can refer to the Communities and Local Government Website.

Building regs approval is separate from planning permission, just because you have one, doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the other!

To ensure you’re in the best position to gain the planning and building regulation consent you require for your project, speak with our experts. Our team keep on top of the latest updates and changes with local policies and regulations, giving you the best possible chance of gaining approval.

Types of Building Regulations approval

There are two types of building regs approval that you can apply for, depending on the project you’re looking to work on.

  1. Full plans application: This is likely to be the necessary approval needed for most building projects, both commercial and domestic. A building control team will check and ‘approve’ your plans prior to starting any work. In order for this to happen, you will need to submit your planning drawings, specifications, and in some cases, calculations for structure, thermal, water consumption etc. By submitting a full plans application, you reduce the risk of conflicting with regulations throughout the project, which helps to avoid potentially costly delays.
  2. Building notice: This type of application is ‘accepted’ when building regulations have been met on-site. With this application, there is always a risk as no plans are required, which means completed work may need altering or upgrading to meet requirements.

If you’re unsure of which application to apply for, MyHousePlan can help. We have a dedicated building regs consultant working alongside architectural designers and specialists to advise you on your project journey.

Who grants building regulations approval?

Your inspection could be handled through Local Authority Building Control (LABC) or privately through a government-approved private building inspection company.

All approved inspectors are registered with the Construction Industry Council.

The approved inspector will check your building regs drawings for compliance when full plans are submitted, they will also carry out site checks when necessary to check work at various stages of the project.

It’s important to note that only an inspector from your local authority has powers of enforcement. This means that a private company will need to hand over a project to the local authority if there are issues with the project that cannot be resolved informally.

Building regulations certificate

When your inspector is satisfied with the work carried out, you will be issued a Completion Certificate.

You must keep hold of this alongside your written planning permission for use if you ever look to sell the property.

Your certificate will not be available until a final site inspection has been passed.

Technical design and drawing services to achieve building regulations consent with MyHousePlan

If you’re facing a new project and are unsure where to start, MyHousePlan are here to help.

We are a team of experts in architectural design and local application submission, from planning drawings to a variety of application types, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your project.

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